Key topics

EUROSENSORS-2021 topics include:

  •  Advanced Functional Materials for Sensing and Actuating
  •  Micro- and Nanofabrication Technologies
  •  Physical Sensors and Actuators
  •  Chemical Sensors, Light Sensors, and Magnetic Sensors
  •  Photonic Sensor Devices
  •  (Optical) MEMS & NEMS
  •  Lab on Chip, Micro Analysis Devices and Microfluidics
  •  Bio(medical) Sensors and Diagnostics, Neuro MEMS
  •  Sensors for (Aero)space
  •  Sensors for Food Industry
  •  Energy Harvesting
  •  System Integration, Smart Systems and Packaging
  •  Embedded Systems and Signal Processing
  •  Wireless Sensor Networks
  •  Reliability, Modelling and Simulation

 Special Topic I: Сonformal flexible printed sensors
 Special Topic II: Sensors for harsh-environment